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Create awesome apps in a simple way.

Tako is an opensource HTML5 framework designed to make easy creating awesome mobile apps.

Do you want to create a web app? The existing frameworks doesn't fit to your needs? Or are they expensive? If you ever have experienced this, Tako is your solution.


Cross device

Develop your app and use it wherever you want.

Html5 engine

Created taking advantage of Html5 new semanthic tags, apis and stylesheets.

High Performance

Tako has been optimized to work in old devices as well as in actual devices.

Fast development

Thought for developers, making Tako easy and fast to work with.

Touch ready

Touch capabilities such as tap, double tap, swipe and much more supported.

Great friends

To improve the experience Tako uses Zepto.js, hammer.js and webdb.

Supported Browsers

Meet the Author

Iñigo Gonzalez

Iñigo has been involved for years in innovative projects using web technologies and now applies the experience gained to products he makes as a freelance developer.


Apps using Tako